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Company overview
With multi-industry and self-supporting import and export rights, China Ningbo Xinda Group Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers for elevator key components in the world. Their global annual sales amount reached US$200 million in 2009. Xinda provide worldwide customers with a full line of reliable products:

Elevator and Escalator Components
such as Geared Traction Machine, Permanent-magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine, Elevator Car, Elevator Door, Door Operator, Landing Door, Door Motor, Overspeed Governor, Oil Buffer, Safety Gear, Rope gripper, Car Operation Panel, Calling Board,Push Button etc.

Complete Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks & Parking System
such as Passenger Elevator, Freight Elevator, Residential Elevator,Service Elevator,Bed Elevator, Observation Elevator, MRL Elevator, Commercial Elevator, Indoor or Outdoor Escalator,passenger conveyors, Parking System etc.

Rotary Screw Air Compressors
such as Twin-screw compressor, Stationary Compressor, Air-cooled Screw Compressor, Water Cooled Screw Compressor, Oil-flooded Screw Compressor Casing and Rotor of Compressor etc.

Rotogravure Printing Machines
such as Combined type Rotogravure Printing Machine, Dry lamination machine, Coating machine for rotogravure printing of paper, Die cutter / Slitter for rotogravure printing of paper etc.

More than 99 production lines for your large orders.
Xinda have sourced products for a variety of applications since 1972. Xinda can provide up to more than 99 production lines for your large orders.

Versatile export services
Xinda guarantee first-rate services. Xinda provide various services of quotation, quality inspection, insurance, customs declaration, shipping, handling/ processing of export documentation and other services according to your needs. Xinda have more than 599 distributors or agents in the world respectively. That means you never need to call Chinese Mainland to check up on your orders or to discuss import matters.

World-class products
Backed by modern manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art technology, independent intellectual property, perfect after-sales service, experienced engineers, locale management system, Sigma quality assurance program, CCC certification, CE certificate, ISO 9001 certification and ISO14001 certificate, Xinda offer you world-class products with advanced features, competitive price, reliable quality and on time delivery.