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PT.Ihaka Saka Nusantara was established in September 1995. In the same year, PT. Ihaka Saka Nusantara was appointed the sole agent of Haushahn Elevator, a German Elevator manufacturer. During that period PT. Ihaka Saka Nusantara had successfully sold about 90 units of elevators mostly for high rise building (17 to 37 storage buildings).

Since the financial crisis in 1998, sales of lift practically stopped, especially for high-rise buildings and on the other hand the materials from Germany became very expensive. The situation forced the company to do innovation, and it start developing its own elevator with a brand name AE-Lift (abbreviation of Asia Europe lift), with electronic parts comes from Europe and mechanical parts comes from Ningbo Xinda Group Company Ltd (China), the world's renowned and China's biggest and first elevator components manufacturing company.

Since early 2005, PT. Ihaka Saka Nusantara has conducted closer cooperation with principal in China by making joint brand between AE-LIFT and HOSTING brand elevators and escalators of Ningbo Xinda Group Company Ltd (China). The use of the controller from Germany (BP- boehnke & partner) and inverter from England (from Emerson Group, Control Technique) making the quality of this lifts are very reliable and moreover very competitive price wise. We provide services in all range of elevator and escalator like Passenger elevators, Cargo/ freight elevators, hospital / Bed elevators, Observation elevators, Escalators and Passenger conveyor etc. Our process expertise in this field also allows us in meeting the installation, maintenance and modernization needs of the equipment as per the specifications provided by the clients. We are a reputed name in the market for offering safe and reliable and good Elevator and escalator products.

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